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ABQ Needs You

We advocate for growth and equality. We truly listen to everyone and make smart decisions based on facts. With your help, Albuquerque will rise to be the best. Our campaign is your campaign and we need people like you to help it succeed.

Our Mission: Rank ABQ Top 10

According to Forbes, this is how ABQ ranks out of 200 USA cities.



This Is How We Do It

Our campaign is organized by doers and thinkers from all parties and walks of life. We build policy by consulting homeowners, business leaders, students, health workers, educators, public safety and the disenfranchised.


We will cure crime by recruiting intervenors, improving re-entry programs and reducing sentencing for victimless crime while increasing jail time for gang related violent crime. We will rebuild the APD Gang Task Force and use technology to end car theft.


Road rage and bottle-necking during rush hour affects all of us. We will use artificial intelligence to link traffic cams, create test areas for self-driving cars, commit to adding additional river crossings and improve stoplight timing to create an effective ring road.


Homelessness, substance abuse and the loss of nuclear families fuels gangs and destroys communities. We will save the city 5X by creating safe injection sites for harm reduction and housing first that provides shelter and health equity for everyone.


We will create an educational ecosystem that looks like silicone valley's. We will raise our attainment rates to #1 in the state. We will ensure our students are experts in financial literacy and have equal access to vocational training and extra curricular activities.


We will work with ABC-Z to further simplify our zoning ordinances and promote growth through deregulation that reduces the cost of doing business in ABQ. We will provide greater access to GRT deductions, attract high-paying jobs and build more scalable infrastructure.


Water conservancy allows the city's population to grow. We can save $60M/YR by expanding LED and solar programs. We can increase commerce and property values by restoring our tree canopy. Recycling and waste management improvements will eliminate illegal dumping.


We are early adopters and will create a technology ecosystem in ABQ by installing more fiber optic internet, machine learning systems, IoT solutions, self-driving cars, online permit applications and greater governmental transparency to save our city over $100M.


Recreation attracts skilled labor and increases property values. We will relax liquor ordinances, decriminalize marijuana, create entertainment centers like river walks, zip lines & hot springs, while providing greater access to recreation info and equipment.


Ecotourism is at the heart of most visitors who come to New Mexico. Albuquerque is the state's travel hub. We will make it affordable to fly to Albuquerque from any city in the world while working with film and media industries to market us as an adventure destination.

We Need Your Voice

Share your ideas and frustrations; tell us what you hate and what you love. We followup immediately with action items.

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